Welcome to My Work in Detail

Welcome to my blog that I’m titling; My Work in Detail. I must admit that for many years I was resistant to launching a website. I felt it would be self-aggrandizing and thus, from my perspective, undignified. However, like many things we’re initially resistant to, I came to think differently about it. If I claim to “...not set artificial-creative boundaries in the pursuit of creating a picture” why should I do likewise in communicating my ideas? I would like this blog to be a continuum of my art in the sense that it increases the viewer’s understanding, and appreciation, of my work.

Should you be interested in following this blog (or any other) here is how you may do it. First of all thank you in advance for your interest. Secondly, you need to download a reader, such as Google Reader, that will notify you when new postings occur.
1. Google, Google Reader
2. Click on the box that says, “Add a Subscription”.
3. For my blog the URL would be:

That’s basically all you need to do. It will give you the opportunity, if you like, to follow several websites simultaneously. However, I don’t want to discourage you from visiting my site. I hope you find something new in my work each time you look at it, and please use the Comment or Contact Me page to send me your thoughts.